Erin's Baby Shower

I was going to make one long, long post with all our most recent weekend adventures, but I thought it would be easier to break it up into events. So, here's the first! Erin's baby shower! She is due to have baby Will in late July. Can hardly wait to meet this little guy!

Before we left we decided to take a few pictures, please note, that flower headband IS part of Emili's outfit. Only my sister.

We are posing circa 1996, aka middle school years (I felt the black and white helped achieve the old, antique look). Please tell me someone else remembers posing for every picture with your bff's in middle school fully bent over like this?!? We had a riot recreating those awkward teen years in this picture.

Told you that flower was no joke. Sarah, Erin's sister, my BFF, Jennie's twin, I could go on...and Emili.

Erin opening her gifts. I can only hope to one day look just like Erin at 7 months pregnant.

Sarah doing an excellent job at bringing Erin the gifts. Too bad you weren't here Jen, this could have been your shoutout! (Miss you Nadine!)

Meanwhile at home...Scott and Jimmy (not pictured) help Dad install his sweet new TV. Nice work boys!

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