Emili Elizabeth

Incase you don't know me at all, this is my sister Emili. This blog post is a tribute to her and all her wonderfulness. We've been BFF's since the day I stopped chasing her around with my hair brush, ready to give her a good whack for being a bit on the annoying side. But seriously, I feel so blessed to have a best friend in my sister and a closeness that has never dwindled despite living 300 miles away.

Some great things about Emili: she's very funny, she loves Jesus, she thrives being the center of attention, she is a wonderful hair stylist, she's tall, she's been a vegetarian since 4th grade because of something her teacher said, she cares about people, she is good at apologizing, she can't see in the morning because her eyes without contacts are so bad, she calls me sissy, she's generous, she loves our family, she makes people laugh, she's so good with kids, she's pretty, she's getting married! Believe it folks, Emili and Jimmy are getting hitched!!! On June the 8th, Jimmy popped the big question and who knows how, but I was able to attend the big event. So, thank you to those of you who have been waiting patiently for this update, here it is, Emili and Jimmy...engaged!!!

"Your daughter is getting married, third child wed in a year and a half, how do you feel?!?"

Some family waiting to walk down to the fire pits for some 'smores!

Scott couldn't be there so Bud had to help me get the camera on all the right settings.

"You just got married, how do you feel?!?"

Here come the newly engaged...disclaimer: my pictures are terrible due to all my excitement and apparently forgetting how to use the camera! Ooops.

Surprise! The fams are all here!

Bling bling!

Jim and Grams!

The whole gang (minus Scott, sad face).

After the beach I helped Sis get her stuff from Jimmy's and they gave me all the details of engagement day. Jimmy "asked Emili to Prom" since she never went (sorry Sis - this surely makes up for it though), with a corsage, new dress and lots of fun adventures planned. They ended the day with a night out to sushi where Emili was hoping for the big question, but how Jimmy fooled her. He waited until later that night while taking a stroll to the lifeguard towers at the beach by his house. Great work Jimmy! I am excited to have you in the fam and to have another brother-in-law!!!

October 3, 2009!!! CONGRATS SIS AND JIM!!!


annemarie1019 said...

Great blog job....if the teaching and CPK don't work out...maybe you ought to try writing! Seriously!!!

Jeni said...

What a cute blog! We got to meet Jimmy tonight and he seems like such a great guy...we are so excited for them and it looks like we will be able to come to the wedding...yay! You and Emili are such cute sisters....it makes me jealous ; )

Andrea said...

darling... darling couple, darling pics, darling everything! how fun!!!

annemarie1019 said...

More blogging please...how about your new class????