Cousin Outing #1

You know good things are in store when 13 people have a chain of 95 emails going back and forth to everyone! We did it folks, successful Cousin Outing #1: BBQ and Padres Game! I think I speak for everyone when I say I can hardly wait for our next trip - Magic Mountain?!? Since the out-of-towners, Scott, Geoff, Monica and I, were all going to be in San Diego last weekend, my hubby had the brilliant idea to plan an outing for all of us since we had so much fun at our most recent get together, Chris and Katie's wedding. Seeing how 6 out of the 7 (you've got plenty of time Bud) of the Andrews cousins are or will be married in the past year and a half since Scott and I started the marriage whirlwind, it's a blast to be sharing this similar time in our lives together. Dad and Mom along with Aunt Pat and Uncle Gary made us a tasty mexican BBQ with carne asada, beans, rice and all the goods before we made our way to Petco. Again, I have a million plus pictures, in good part thanks to Bud and his amazing camera skills! Enjoy!!!

You're probably thinking, this doesn't look like a BBQ or Padres game. No, rather its my Dad and hubs trying to fix the leak I created by using the broken spout in the sink! Oops. Good thing those Scott's are so handy!

Pico de Gallo, a tasty addition to any burrito!

Nobody misses a free meal, including Brandon, a non-cousin, but we don't discriminate.

Scott and Sis trying to convince me they could pass as siblings?!?

Ashton and I however, could probably NOT pass as siblings. I was declined membership to the 6 foot club. There was no photoshopping or kneeling in this picture, I'm standing tall at 5'3". Holler.

Just sharing a chair. Thanks to whoever took this picture!

I promise Scott doesn't just labor when he comes over, he just happens to be really handy and notice things like flat tires. Again, Scott being handy and saving Zach 75 cents with his fun fact that air is free in CA and instead of paying the 75 cents you just have to go ask the attendant to turn the air on. Now you know!

Party Planners.

Caravanin' action!

Once we arrived at the game and got our tickets - thanks to a little help from Chris - we made our way to the tip top of the nosebleeds. Wowzers we were high up there, thank goodness for the blankets we brought. The rest of the pictures are from the game and of the park; it was a blast hanging out with everyone and a Padres victory as an added bonus (as well as those awesome Adrian Gonzalez action figures)!


Good night Petco Park, thanks for the fun!

And if those weren't enough pictures for you, check out this awesome slideshow that Bud made for everyone on his MacBook of our night at the baseball game!


spooner on the ones said...
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spooner on the ones said...


First, thanks for the shout-out on the baby shower blog... sorry I am slow in responding!
Second, I really like you guys' Padres shirts... where do I get one of those?!
(PS I knew Em would put something together make the yellow shirt look wayy cooler than it looks when I rock it... I'm so unhip.)
Third, Zach is quite talented with that camera... not just that slideshow (which I definitely watched in its entirety) but his website is amazing as well! This is probably not the appropriate venue to give him props but pass it along for me, eh?

Okay that's all I've got... it was really fun getting a chance to hang while you were home! xoxo!
PS SORRY, the deleted comment was me... I had a major typo and I don't think I could have fallen asleep tonight knowing it existed.

Chris and Katie said...

so for sure we need to go to magic mountain. i heard on the radio that they have two for one tix and the tix are only $29.99 when you order them online. should i start the planning of this? let me know a good weekend and i will check it out!

Andrea said...

umm, can I be a cousin??? probably not because I deleted your blog from mine BY ACCIDENT! Can't wait to see you guys, loves to you- and PS the Black and White pic of you two is my new fav :)