Yosemite Pre-Wedding

Well, here we are back in May. Hard to believe it's been a year already that Scott and I have been married! Such fun. Last weekend was wedding weekend again, and the long anticipated trip to Yosemite had finally arrived!!! Could possibly be one of my favorite weekends spent with friends and family, it was a great celebration filled with lots of excitement. I'll try to keep the story telling to the pictures, as I could probably go on for quite sometime with all the stories from the trip...okay, here you go!

What great trip doesn't start out with some Starbucks?!? Really, you should be asking yourself, what great trip doesn't start out with full on killing a coyote that dashes in front of your car on Highway 41?!? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we took the life of a coyote who really never saw us coming. It was pretty awful, the thu-thump of running over such a large animal still stresses me out. We can all be thankful that Scott was driving, as I'm not sure I'd be here to write this story had I been behind the wheel, because I probably would have swerved into the oncoming traffic in the next lane. Wowzers what a start!

Grieving the coyote ended quickly when we were greeted in Fresno at Costco by these lovely faces and that sweet 15 seater van. Andrews always travel in style.

Once we arrived at our awesome cabin, we unloaded and then headed out for a little hike to the river down the way. I was also able to do some shopping on the hike...I kid I kid. It's a dress steamer folks.

On a side note, here's an up close view of Zach's latest tattoo, Jonah and the Whale. I was thinking of getting one like this myself!

Tourist shot at the river.

The boys playing on the rocks by the river.

The couple of the weekend! Sorry its blurry, I'm still learning how to use our new camera!

After spending the afternoon playing by the river, Friday night everyone started arriving for the wedding, a la cousin Ben and his fiance Katie.

Bud and Sydney, right before the exciting couple rounds of Hat Game. "That's Not My Name!" Possibly one of the funniest moments of the weekend...apologies to the neighbors down the road who we kept up from our laughing. Ooops!

Saturday morning we had even more friends and family arriving, which equated to Mom, Sydney and I making 3 rounds of breakfast. Shout out to Grams for the 9 dozen homemade tortillas. So delicious.

Just me and my 4 friends. I mean 3.

Mom and Dad at the tunnel turn off.

Where's Bud? The waterfalls were amazing! So much water. This is the view as you leave the chapel where Chris and Katie got married! Not too shabby.

Kid line-up. Love these guys!

Some more of the waterfalls.

Thanks soon-to-be cousin-in-law Katie for having your camera ready at our surprise run-in at the falls! Group shot!

From far away.

Tree huggers.

No rain on this May 23rd!

This is a picture of some seriously crazy climbers on El Capitan. Insane.

Saturday night was the rehearsal and dinner...those pics are to come with the wedding post! Stay tuned my loyal 4 or 5 readers, I have to go make dinner now!


Zach said...

I love it!!!! That pic of all of us at the waterfalls is soooo great! Personally....that's not my name was the highlight of the night! Looking forward to the rest of the story!

Zach said...

PS...that's NOT MY NAME...this is Mom...don't know how or why his name shows up...don't know how to change it either...

Marsandle said...

Yay! I stalk your blog. Congrats on one year...and killing a coyote (and NOT freaking out). Looks like a great weekend of celebration and fun!!!
-Jenny R (like candle)

Andrea said...

Yeah!!!!! I have been waiting for this update! Great pics, Yosemite looked beautiful, looks like the weekend was a blast! can't wait for more, I'll be checking in soon!

Jeni said...

ahh I wish we could have come it looked like you guys had a lot of fun. It's been way too long since we have seen everyone. Can't wait to read more : )

The Dude said...

can you please put your pictures on picasa? here is the link for the ones that Katie's Uncle Kenny put up. Great post, with these other pics you can make your next one. love you.


Danika said...

love the pics, can't wait to see the wedding ones too! miss you guys.