Word to Your Motha

I just typed the title of this post and had Scott read it aloud so I could giggle at it. It was probably only really funny in my head...anyhow, Happy Mother's Day to all my mother readers out there! Let's see I could probably count you all on one hand. Mom, Debbie, Grams, Annie and Danika. Yup all five of you, thanks for reading and thanks for being such wonderful, loving, caring, beautiful moms. One day (give it a few years) I hope to be half as good at motherhood as you ladies!

For Mother's Day we went down to San Diego to hang with the fam for the weekend and so that I could make it to Katie's Bachelorette party! Scott got to meet up with Matt and go mountain biking in Oceanside Saturday morning, which he really enjoyed. Meanwhile I hit the mall only to fail miserably at shopping - I will blame my lack of practice.

Sunday morning we headed to church after making Mom and Grams a pretty tasty breakfast if I do say so myself. Nice work siblings! After church we walked down to the winery for lunch, kettle corn and to look at all the arts and crafts booths. It was way more fun than I anticipated, mainly thanks to the company and kettle corn!



I am also throwing this picture in even though it was Monday after we left because I think it's pretty awesome! Jimmy had been in Hawaii for a couple weeks working, (we missed you) and when he got home he decided it was time for a new do. Lucky for him, he's dating a pretty great hairdresser...

...and in other great news, a well deserved congrats to the new Resonate Worship leader at EFCC! Hooray Jimmy!

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Andrea said...

sweet post.. thanks for the shout out... great news for Jimmy! see you soon :)