Visitors Welcome!!!

This past weekend Campus Crusade held its Alumni Reunion weekend in SLO, so needless to say the town was hopping with people! We had the fun pleasure of hanging with the Randles all weekend and then spending Sunday with the Haddon fam! The Randles arrived Friday to do a campus tour with Matt's sister, Arianna, then came and visited me at CPK for some lunch. Once Scott and I got off work, we all headed out for dinner. After a sub-par meal at Vallarta's, some yogurt, wondering around downtown and another great episode of 20/20, we decided to call it a night. Saturday morning the boys woke up early to go for a mountain bike ride before we got into the day's activities. While they were out I made a coffee cake for breakfast (Brad, there will be plenty to go around this summer!).

Post ride, they were dirty!

Jenny and Arianna were reunion picnic troopers for not knowing anyone!

Look who showed up in town!

Scott and I were having a field day playing with Em!

After the reunion picnic, we headed home and hung out in our weed free backyard for a few hours playing ladder golf, bocce ball, cards and eating some tasty snacks!

Matt's game face and Scott's special face.

Arianna and Jenny before I suckered them into playing a game of 3's for about an hour...again, troopers!

Chris and Vanessa, bringing not only the watermelon, but some entertainment as well.

Just playing with the new camera before we walked downtown for some Firestone and a throw back W8 Weekly Meeting, all so fun.

Sunday we got to spend the day with Bubs, Ann and Em. It was awesome. We walked over to Lincoln Deli to grab sandwiches and then had a bit of a windy picnic in our backyard while Em napped. Afterwards, the boys were just itching to go do some shopping, so Ann and I decided we could probably manage to tag along; and of course, we stopped at Yogurt "Nation" on our walk home.

What babes.


Brad and Sara Osborne said...

I'm jealous of your life friend... first the randles and then fam. I just have to keep thinking... I'll be home soon. Reading your blog definitely makes me wish Brad had sisters!!! Good job updating, I check the blog like 5 times a day so I get really excited when there's new stuff!

Deb said...

Good job Lisa with up dating your blog!!! you get an A!!!! I too check the blogs every day!! I loved all the pictures!! Annie said you all had a great weekend together!!

See you at Yosemite!!

Love, Deb

Andrea said...

umm, you put my blog to shame! great job updating the weekend- I was thinking- "how fun" and then I remembered I was there :) he he! I wish our husbands would get over their shopping fetish, it's getting old already.... and I think Yogurt Nation is my new favorite "snack".... thanks for hanging with us, we loved it, Em won't stop talking about you guys :) xoxo

Brad and Sara Osborne said...

What is this yogurt nation place??? Is Baly's going out of business??? Ahhhh, I'm having a panic attack!