MTB Weekend

Weather forecasters called for a warm, sunny weekend in SLO. Seeing as we were in town, Scott and I took full advantage of the weekend and our beautiful surroundings. Saturday morning we worked on the 4Runner, changing the oil and tightening some bolts. I was more of the assistant, like when a doctor says, "scalpel," and someone hands him one, expect for us it was more like, "wrench," and I'd pass it to my husband who was laying under the truck. After some tuna melts and berries (cause I'm sure you were dying to know what we ate for lunch) we packed up for our next adventure! Mountain biking in Montana de Oro!

The 4Runner, freshly oiled and ready to go!

Ready to ride, but just posing with the Camelbak, Scott carries that for us!

After our successful ride.

We worked up quite the appetite and after some indecisiveness, ended up going to Tahoe Joe's for some delicious dinner, where we both had no problem clearing out plates!

So Saturday I found that mountain biking also doubles for getting a good tan for the wedding (minus some tank top lines)! On Sunday, instead of going to lay around at the beach, we decided to hit the trail again - tan and exercise all in one!?! Who knew.

That marine layer was a bit chilly on the way down. Scott calls this the "before" picture. You will see why in a minute.

He's excited?!?

The "after." Within minutes of getting home after our ride I crashed. I took a few bites of salad, felt really nauseous and decided I needed to lay down. Please note how I even fell asleep with my legs on the ground because they were covered in dust (I was eating Scott's dust on the downhill). I guess two tough mountain bike rides in two days exceeds my limits. Don't worry, I'm now fully rested, recovered and ready to go tomorrow!!!

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Emily said...

I love that last picture! Way to go Lisa... mtn biking scares me!