Quality Time

Saturday afternoon I got the best phone call from my little sis. She and Jimmy wanted to come spend Sunday with Scott and I. It was such a spontaneous little trip, but jam packed with fun nonetheless! We loved having you guys here, it was such a treat! Come back real soon!!!

After a midnight arrival Saturday evening to which both Scott and I were able to stay awake, we awoke early to grab breakfast with a few of my former roommates who also happened to be in town! I took them to my "hole in the wall" secret breakfast joint, only to totally overwhelm the owner, cashier, cook and runner all in one employee. Oops. Maybe the five item menu was unusual and not satisfying for all, but hey, I enjoyed my granola!

Sarah and Rhe!

After breakfast we went to late service church and by the time that was over it was time to feed the hungry boys again. Clearly the Scott's buttery waffles and Jimmy's not so favorite granola didn't hold them over too long. What else do you do when guests are in town but eat every two hours anyways, right?! We grabbed some Giuseppe's Express and then rounded up the necessary supplies for our next adventure: shooting!

Here we are piled into the 4Runner as we ascent up the Cuesta Ridge. A bit of a bumpy ride, but so much fun.

Once we arrived at our shooting destination, we all received a shooting safety talk from our teacher Scott. Don't worry Dad, safety is always first, and the first rule of shooting is never point the gun at anyone, EVER. Check.

Here's Emili preparing for her first ever gunshot.

And this was her reaction after nearly giving herself whiplash from the kickback of the gun. Highlight of the day for sure.

Urban Outfitters meets nature. Love you two!

Somethings never change.

The boys.

Sarah Leilani <3

Sisters! Maddy and Rhe.

Some people think we look alike?!? Maybe a little.

Family Pic.

I posted this just because I love Jimmy in the background. Please, make the picture big, it will brighten your day.

After a rough day of shooting, we treated ourselves to another meal, a quick stop at Yanagi's for a roll each, and then caught a movie in AG. These are the faces of some pumped up movie goers!

Monday we ate some cinnamon rolls in Pismo for breakfast before I went to work. Sis and Jim came in for lunch and were then on their way back to San Diego. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend, thanks again for making the trip up! Love you all.

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Randle said...

LOVE the family pic!!! how awesome is that?!! Best part is that the girls are sharing the gun.... I hope you guys picked up all your litter! hahahahha. can't wait to see ya at the reunion.