The Future Mrs. Katie Andrews

Last weekend we started the wedding festivities for Chris and Katie with a Bridal Shower Luncheon in good old P-Town. Mom, Emili and I, with Grams help too hosted the shower and really enjoyed celebrating this exciting time for Katie and Chris!

Taking some shots before the guests arrived.

Three Generations of ladies.

Lunch is served! Lovely presentation created by Anne-Marie.

Family in attendance: Newlywed Kristina, the other soon-to-be Katie Andrews, and Aunt Pat.

Point Loma Community Bank represent. Chris's co-workers at Dad's bank in Point Loma. They love Chris.

Katies's UCSB friends and roommates.

Katie's post-college San Diego friends.

Mom and her wonderful friends, Serena, Auntie Karen, Sweet Val, and MOB Vicki!

Katie finishing up opening the last of her gifts. Emili diligently taking notes for Katie.

Such a good bridesmaid, Jamie, worked very hard on that bouquet.

Almost all the bridesmaids!

Best friends. The sun was in our eyes, hence why we look about 12 years old, well why Emili does, I always look that young.

Saturday while us girls were busy showering Katie, Scott and Jimmy met up with Matt Randle and hung out doing boy things around San Diego. We met up with them post shower for some left over treats and a couple rounds of washers.

What's a trip home without a stop at Lourdes'?!? Finishing off a great day with some yummy chicken soup!

Thanks for a lovely weekend at home with the fam everyone, we missed you Dad! See you all soon!

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Deb said...

Loved all the pictures of Katie's shower! I'm sure it was beautiful!! The wedding will be here before you know it!! Looking forward to it!!

Love, Debbie