Easter Up North

Maybe I'm a little late in this posting, but who says you can only celebrate Jesus' resurrection one day out of the year?!? Not me. This year for Easter, we headed up to Danville to celebrate with the Zaballos'. We really enjoyed seeing everyone, playing with our niece and nephew and all the fun that comes with a family get together! Thanks Resti and Debbie for having us! Here are some much overdue pictures of our weekend!

On Saturday we went to the Lange Twins Winery in Lodi for a huge Easter egg hunt and lunch. It was really nice and a great way to spend the afternoon! This was Owen just hanging out by my feet when we arrived! I love that little guy.

Ann, Em and Scott looking so lovely.

Proud Grammy and cute little Em.

Owen ready to dominate that field behind him in the Easter egg hunt. Maybe Ann and I gave him some tips on how to find the eggs with candy versus the ones with stickers...and maybe he listened very well, as he went around making sure he only put eggs that shook into his basket. He's going to be a great student one day!

The men...and that's Danika's purse although it does go very well with your outfit Noah!

After lunch they had a cupcake decorating table for the kids. You better believe these two "kids" hit that up. I might have cleared them out of frosting for a while...oops.

Owen also a bit of a frosting lover.

So, the winery had a Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in a Jar contest and wouldn't you know my smart little hubby pulled some crazy calculations together and came up with the closest guess. I shouldn't be surprised as the last time he had a guessing opportunity, he was off by 3 and we took him 417 peanut butter M&M's. Please note his guess with the star next to it, I think we're taking home a little (lot) more jelly beans!

Yup, about 4,000 jelly beans. Owen's trying to wrap his mind around that many jelly beans!

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Scott's birthday. We went to one of his favorites, Benihana! It was a delicious treat.

Silly boys.

Dinner, followed by some yummy cake and ice cream.

Sunday we went to church and then came back for a big BBQ lunch with Noah's parents. We all watched Owen look for eggs and find his baskets and then, it was the big kids turn. Reminded me of being at home with my brothers and sister - it was an intense competition. Here's some of us waiting in the hallway before the hunt!

I had quite a few awesome action shots, but this post is getting lengthy as is, so I'll conclude with the counting of the eggs...and maybe some shaking to check for no, not stickers, but bills!

Scott was apparently the big winner this weekend, jelly beans and some spending cash! Good thing I'm married to such a winner!

The big kids.

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Deb said...

Lisa and Scott,
Wow!!! I just checked your blog and there was nothing new. But TODAY!! Lots of good stuff!!!!! First of all, congratulations Lisa, on getting a Summer School class!!! Excellent!!!! Second, I loved all the news update, and the Great pictures! I especially liked the last picture of The Big winner and Lisa! Darling of the two of you! By the way, when does summer school start?

Love, Mom