Date Night Morro Bay Style

A couple weeks ago we went out on a little double date with some new, awesome friends, Josh and Katie. We've been getting to hang with them quite frequently and it has been a lot of fun for the four of us. Katie is a fellow CPKer from the grand opening back in August 2006! Holla! On this particular get together, we decided to venture out to Morro Bay for some delicious tacos from the one and only Taco Temple, and then go out to the beach for a bonfire. Here are some fun pictures of our adventure to the beach!

Katie with an intense amount of wood, and Josh.

Scott and an entire tree.

Somehow I ended up with the headlamp (okay, I put it on myself). I was supposed to be leading the way, but Katie and I were having too much fun taking pictures. Seconds after this picture we had to slide down a bit of a hill to drop down to the beach. We made it, don't worry. You can't see it here, but I was carrying the chairs and a blanket, not being totally useless.

Our Eagle Scout, coming in very handy.

See? Look at that awesome fire!

I wanted to buy the generic brand and save 30 cents, they wouldn't have anything but the Jet-Puffed. Turned out to be a great choice!

The whole group, thanks to Scott's photography skills.

Packin' up and heading home!

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