Weekend Update

Scott and I had big plans for a super productive weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, my cold decided it wanted to return for a weekend visit and knocked me out of commission for most the weekend. I managed to muster up some energy to tag along with Scott on some errands, but my body functioned more like a wet noodle, so needless to say, I wasn't a huge help. He however, dominated the to-do list!

Saturday morning we strolled across the street to meet up with the wonderful Duddy sisters for some Lincoln Market sandwiches. Everyone was up to celebrate Shea's big 21st birthday. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up. I'm still bummed I missed the cake though!

Scott and I with Megs and Tito! Looking good Dud.

Birthday girl Shea, Ryane, Megs and Tar.

Sunday I was in the same boat with my cold turned sinus infection, so while Scott pretty much took apart the 4Runner, he made me a little place to sit with my blanket and Gatorade so we could hang while he fixed his power steering pump. He also did me a huge favor by cleaning my headlights! I'm sure you've noticed, and if you haven't you're probably just being polite, but my Jeep headlights were a mess! Turns out this whole time I thought the dirt was on the inside, it was actually like glued to the outside. Scott put some elbow grease into it and sanded them back to beauty! He's my hero. Here are some action shots of the power steering replacement!

I caught a good action face with this one.

Almost done, filling it up!

The old one, did you know they'll give you fifty bucks for that dirty old thing! I'm going to see if I can't find some old parts for myself!

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Deb said...

Scott and Lisa,

Love your blog! and all the pictures and news updates!!! Scott, you haven't
changed a bit, still tinkering with you car and getting filthy!!
Keep the pictures coming!!

Mom Z.