We Sing With Love

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of celebrating your birthday with my family, here is a sneak peak at what you have to look forward to on your special day. We don't hold anything back when it comes to singing "Happy Birthday," in the loudest, silliest, most horrendous voices we can muster up. Always a joy! Happy birthday Dad and Scott! Not only do you share a name, but birthday month and numbers - Dad's is the 12th and Scott's is the 21st! Who knew?!?

We got to hang out in San Diego for the weekend and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather (I got a bit of a sunburn, but I'll take it!) and my wonderful fam. It was nice to just hang and not have a billion things to do. Here are some highlights of the weekend!

Golfing with Scott and Dad. Well, hitting balls at the driving range is more like it. I put on my best makeshift golf outfit and we headed over to Stoneridge for an hour or so. It was a total blast. I can't say I'll be joining the LPGA Tour anytime soon, but my golf shot did improve immensely with some tips from Dad, aka Pro Golfer. Check out some shots (thanks to Scott's camera phone!)

Dad with some nice follow through and Scott about to tee off!

Did you know golf clubs bend?? I sure did not!

Check out my not so great form. This was probably one of my shots that somehow ended up a foot in front of the black shorts white shirt guy.

Cute little golfer.

Saturday night we celebrated Dad and Scott's birthdays, as evidenced above. In typical birthday fashion, we had lots of Mexican food, Gram's homemade tortillas, and yellow cake with chocolate frosting, as well as an ice cream cake for Scott!

Some VIP Guests: Bud, Sydney, Chris and Katie.

Scott, Grams, Sis and Jimmy.

And who could forget these two wonderful folks. This picture comes close to Christmas 2004. Love you guys.

Scott with some of his birthday loot!

I was there too!

Sunday happened to be about 80 degrees and beautiful. I got the pleasure of going on an early morning walk with Sarah and munching on some bomb Banana Sticky Buns - taking me back to the good old days of high school sleepovers. Later, with the fam we played washers and ladder golf outside by the pool most of the afternoon. So great. We headed home Sunday afternoon, but made a lovely stop in Santa Barbara to grab dinner with the Haddon's who were taking a little vacation! It was great to see them and catch up over dinner. Thanks for treating, you guys are too good to us!


spooner on the ones said...
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spooner on the ones said...

holla i think this is my first real shout out on someone else's blog! it was great seeing you lisa marie... miss you already! :)
ps sorry, the deleted comment was me, i may have made a typo the first time around...

The Dude said...

score!!! i made it again on the blog!!! I loved the video. we do all have great voices! hope all is well.

annemarie1019 said...

I LOVE your blog...especially when the fam is the main event! Love love love spending time with you two! love Muffy