In Need of Some C?

So recently, Scott and I went to our newest favorite sushi restaurant down in Pismo, Yanagi's. It's pretty delicious and has one of the prettiest views of the lovely Pacific Ocean at sunset that I've seen. We've taken to sitting at the sushi bar the last few times we've gone (no, not for the numerous crazy rounds of sake bombs, but for the free seaweed and cucumber salad!) and this past time, our chef was a little comedian. He and Scott were joking around and the two of them together were very entertaining. At the end of our delightful meal, our new friend was back behind the bar creating something he clearly didn't want us to see, because he closed our view to his work. A few minutes later we were presented with this awesome orange mouse would you call it? We had to chuckle because 1) look at that thing, it had edamame for eyes, but 2) this free orange thing happens to us fairly often. At our other restaurant, a Chinese food place, where some may consider us regulars, we are always given free orange slices at the end of our meal. Once we even received a wall size Chinese New Year Calendar. All this orange charity really got us thinking, do we appear to be lacking in our vitamin C?!? We decided to buckle down on our vitamins from now on and in the mean time, enjoy the free, and might I add, very tasty oranges!


Andrea said...

hilarious, did you eat him or take him home as a little pet??? maybe you could make some and give them out as presents :) or better yet, make a friend for Mr.C and bring him along with you next time you go to sushi :)

The Dude said...

my friends and i would have been the ones sitting next to you too slamming the counter yelling, SAKI SAKI BOOOOOMB!!!!!