The Face of 26! Happy Birthday Hubs!

Saturday was my wonderful hub's 26th birthday! He was originally going to spend the weekend snowboarding with Chris for a bachelor weekend, but due to some bad weather, a terribly long week at work and what would have been a lot of driving, plans changed and we ended up staying in SLO for the weekend. That meant time for some birthday adventures! Here are the many faces of Scott on his 26th birthday.

The fun began Friday night! We had our friends Josh and Katie over for enchiladas, cake and ice cream and of course a round of spades. Thankfully dinner turned out much better than my cake. Scott wanted to make sure we captured the side that decided to fall off before we could even sing happy birthday. Oh well, the taste was still there, even if the cake was in crumbles.

Saturday we slept in which is always a treat and around 8:00 I took Scott for his first birthday adventure. Can you see how pumped he is to be wearing that bandanna?!?

Birthday adventure number 1 was a 60 minute massage in Avila at the Sycamore Mineral Springs. They let you soak in a hot tub for a half hour before your massage and it was a perfect misty morning for a little dip in the tub! Scott, to the surprise of probably no one who knows him, was a little hesitant at first about wearing this robe and the whole massage deal. I convinced him it would be really relaxing and feel ten times better than his nightly request for me to rub his back as he falls asleep. I wish I could have captured his face as he walked out of the massage with his eyes barely open. Needless to say, he enjoyed his first spa treatment!

Next in order was some breakfast. We went down to Pismo and enjoyed some of the best cinnamon rolls ever made. Just look at these things. I could feel myself putting on 5 lbs. just looking at it, but it sure was delicious!

This one's for you Noah.

This is the face of a birthday boy who just locked us out of the house before our next adventure. We were all set to spend the afternoon off-roading up in Pozo, but had a little hiccup in our plan when we locked our keys in the house. Thankfully, our landlords were in town and live right up the street and were able to come let us in. Of all days for that to happen!

Once we grabbed the keys we headed up here. It's in the middle of the Los Padres National Forest and so beautiful. We were pretty much the only ones out there and felt like the whole place was ours. This was the starting point of our off-roading, though I had thought the past 30 minutes to get to this point we had been off-roading, but I was wrong. This is when it got crazy! Thankfully, my stomach stayed put and I was able to enjoy the afternoon!

Admist the bumpy ride, I was trying to get a shot of the huge hill we had just climbed, you can sort of see it in the rear view mirror, but that really doesn't do it justice.

The view and Scott, fully in his element up there.

Scott just parkin the 4Runner so we could climb up some rocks for a picture.

We were up so high! It was so windy! Yikes!

Another pretty view.

Ending the night with a root beer float after a steak dinner at AJ Spurs. Thanks for loving me endlessly Scott Michael, you are the best! Happy 26th Birthday!!!


Emily and Patrick said...

Happy Belated Birthday Scott! And, as always, your pictures make me sick with envy!

Deb said...

Loved looking at all the recent pictures of you both. Looks like Scott had a really fun birthday!!
You two are a perfect match!! truly meant for each other!!
Looking forward to seeing you both soon-----


Andrea said...

my oh my, that was a serious birthday celebration, looked like a ton of fun... by chance did you sneak a massage in too?? I mean, what else should you have been doing, you had to wait for him anyway! Cute ideas, you are very thoughtful and clever!