Dear Debbie,

You raised an amazing son! This is what I opened the door to Thursday when Scott got home from work! He's so wonderful to me!
Love Lisa


Deb said...


Great picture!! That's my boy, Scott!! Beautiful flowers for your "Honey Bunny" Keep up the sweetness!!
I showed Resti, thought he might get the hint!!

Love, Mom

Andrea said...

oh my oh my- look at that! Buggie, I am SERIOUSLY impressed! Way to go... your little wifey deserves that, sweet post Lisa, my mom probably looks at it 15 times a day... maybe 20!

Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Hmmmmmmm, can you have Scott email this idea to Brad??? Love you!

Danika said...

Way to step it up Bug! You deserve sweet treats like that Lis. Looking forward to seeing you. love you