Last weekend Scott's good friend from college, Jenn Millsaps, got married up in Stockton. We cut some of the drive down by staying the night at the Zaballos' in Danville on Friday night. We were greeted with warm, homemade apple pie and ice cream and a fire in the fireplace - not too shabby! Resti and Debbie were babysitting Owen for the weekend, but he was already asleep seeing as it was 10:15 when we arrived, so we had to wait until the morning to say hi to our favorite nephew, but the surprise was sure worth the wait! Saturday morning we got up and headed to the kitchen where Owen was coloring and Debbie was making breakfast. Scott and I came up from behind and surprised little Owen, as he had no idea we were there. It was pretty cute to see his eyes open so wide with excitement and then listen to him tell us all about everything and more for the next couple hours. While Scott was fixing up Debbie's bike with a very loud air compressor, Owen and I went out to investigate. The noise was a little much for little Owen's ears!

After a quick hair cut for Scott, we headed off to Stockton to meet up with a bunch of old, wonderful college friends for the wedding celebration! It was truely a fantastic weekend of catching up, laughing, hanging out, ice cream, bagel land, and simply enjoying the comfort of old friends. We had a blast with everyone and celebrating Jenn and Cyrus! Here are some snaps courtesy mostly of camera man Scott, as he was such a nice hubs to not only hold my camera, but take all the pictures too! Love him.

Scott and the lovely bride Jenn!

Mr. and Mrs. Bartsch leading the marriage record at almost three years!

Brad and Sara!!! Truely wonderful to see you guys, we miss you already! Thanks for making the trip out here, we loved our time with you guys! Don't worry Sar, your post will be way better!

Rich and Lizzy, too cute. Love founded on May 24, 2008 - wedding matchmaking!

Eric and Scotty. Great to catch up with you Eric!

Chris and Vaness, always a treat, always a laugh!

Somehow we missed a picture of Matt and Jenny and Abby and use your imagination and insert those pictures here!

Cute smiles boys.

The boys.

The ladies.

Posted up for an action shot on the dance floor!

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Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Oh man!!! You beat me to it!!! It looks great. It was such a blessing to see you guys. It only made my heart long to be in SLO more. We'll be praying for a job in the area for you. Love you!