Happy Birthday Owen!!!

Last weekend Scott and I put on our traveling shoes and ventured up to Danville for Owen's 4th birthday party, as well as a collaborative celebration of Noah, Danika and Debbie's January birthdays, and of course a little Superbowl Party action. We had a blast hanging with everyone and getting to play with Owen and Emery. So fun to be an Aunt and Uncle. Here are a million pictures because I couldn't decide which ones to post!

Owen's Handy Manny Birthday Bash:

The Birthday Boy with his "Pin the Tool on the Toolbox." So creative.

Lots of little ones.

Sisters minus Sis.

Such a wonderful Mom.

Check out the cake, made with love by Danika and Annie and friend.

They make a lot of the same faces.

About to munch on lunch.

Emery gave us some good faces, check these out!

On Sunday we took a break from playing some front yard football to go watch Owen's soccer practice. They scrimmage for the last 15 minutes or so and it was awesome to watch. A bunch of little ones all chasing after the ball! I might be biased, but Owen was by far the best one out there!

Part of Owen's cheering section.


Andrea said...

You are totally on top of it, publishing your blog already! I loved the pics, my child looks like a real hoot in most the pictures with her serious face and all- I love the pic of the 3 of us girls (with your read hair! ha ha!) I think that's a frame-er for me!

annemarie1019 said...

Did Owen draw that picture???? If he did .. WOW! The pictures of the kiddos are sooo beautiful...the big kids aren't bad either! XOXOXO

Sara said...

Hey Scott and Lisa. Just found your blog via the Thomas's. We need to get together again soon! -Sara Nesper

Danika said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Lisa! Love them! Thanks again for coming up to celebrate. And I got your post about the vitamins, I will be ordering soon, I'll call you and fill you in on what to order and if you want you can add to mine. Love you