3 Lunch Dates?!?

Last Monday was President's Day - thank you George Washington and Abe Lincoln - so clearly I had the day off work. Normally I find things to do around the house and whatnot to keep myself busy until Scott gets home from work, but this Monday he was working in Santa Maria and SLO and offered to come home and have lunch with me. So great. I also had plans to meet up with my old college roommate, Rheanna, who was in town for lunch as well, so I did some creative time planning and made it work to do both. Well then I got a call from Chris and Katie inviting me to lunch on their way through SLO to San Diego from Yosemite! Three lunch dates in one day! I could hardly believe it! Long story short, Scott was able to meet us at Firestone for lunch with the Kaeser's and Chris and then Rhe and I had some sushi and coffee cake while enjoying the rest of the afternoon! So much fun. These are the days I don't miss having to work all the time, that's for sure!

Chris and Katie and lots of snow in Yosemite! Lucky!


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Lisa...sporting the nails..Nice!

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