They're Getting Married!

A very big congrats to my big brother and his beautiful bride-to-be, Katie, as they got engaged just before Christmas! Chris sure made me proud getting to hear the preparation and details from him as he went about asking Katie to marry him. I am just so excited for them and can't wait for all the wedding fun. Katie is practically already part of the family so we are excited to make it official! Friday night we had Katie's extended family as well as some from our side over for a Mexican fiesta (gracias Anne-Marie) to celebrate.

They are set to get married on May 24th, 2009 - what a great day - in Yosemite, AND Emili and I have the honor of being co-maids of honor! (I realize I am a matron of honor, but I like maid way better). I just hope I can make that windy ride down and up without losing my stomach all over my dress or OD-ing on Dramamine. Oh boy.

Here are some snaps of the par-tay:

Dad, Chris and Mike (soon to be father-in-law).

The rents.

Grams and bearded hubs.

Some non-blood.

Cousin Ben and fiance Katie.

Bud and Chelsie.

Sis and Jimbo.

Grams and her granddaughters.

I put this here, because would you guess that one of those shoes is Grams?!? Cause it is. So hip you are Grammy.

Hooray Chris and Katie! We love you guys and pray this is a growing and exciting time for you both!

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