Oh Brother

After the big engagement party we had a day to kick back and relax before Kristina's wedding activities began and lots of family came to town. Saturday Scott and I visited Sister's salon downtown for a quick cut and color and then came back to the house. Dad and Scott watched some old western movie they were totally into while I napped. Mom and I had gone on a walk and call me out of shape, but 3.5 miles really took it out of me. Later we rode bikes around the neighborhood and Dad and Scott worked on building the trophy for the 1st Annual Oh Brother Golf Tournament (pictures to come on that). We doubled with Dad and Mom that night for dinner and Marley and Me, which unfortunately made me cry like a baby. Good times nonetheless.

Sunday morning was the big day for the boys. Dad and Uncle Gary arranged a golf tournament for all the brothers, hence the "Oh Brother" title. Each set of brothers, Dad/Uncle Gary, Chris/Bud, Ben/Geoff, and the brother-in-laws Scott/Jason, competed for bragging rights for the year over 18 holes of golf.

The Trophy, very well done Dad and Scott!

The proud designers and constructors.

Never looked better hubs. San Diego brings out the best of your fashion.

That morning I got the pleasure of hanging out with Jen and Sar over some delicious Einsteins bagels. I tried to take a picture of them but that apparently was not allowed. Ugh. Ha. It was so fun to see you guys, thanks for letting me drag you out of bed to come hang. That afternoon Dad's sisters came to town for Kristina's wedding, so we had a big Andrews family dinner after the golf tournament and awards ceremony. Yes, there were awards and my hubs may have come in 4th place but he sure did win for the closest drive! You make me so proud!

Dad and Uncle announcing the winners, which surprisingly were not themselves!

Brothers Ben and Geoff take the prize!

Meanwhile, the 20 year old's drink of choice...O'Douls.

Some fam.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at the house with the family eating dinner and becoming very competitive over Uno-Attack. Best game ever! And of course we took our traditional lining up the cousins picture...we must have hundreds of these somewhere. We even let the spouses in on one this time!

The every time we get together cousin picture.

Spouses minus Ben's Katie and Jason.

Aunt Micki!

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