Mr. and Mrs. Daughety

We spent most of Monday and Tuesday helping Kristina with last minute details and odds and ends before the big day. Scott, Jimmy and Bud went out to ride bikes at Lake Miramar while Emili and I did a test run on Kristina's hair. I was really just there for moral support considering I can barely do my own hair. Monday we had the rehearsal and dinner at Buca de Bepo, which was so fun, but unfortunately this was the night I thought I had lost my camera. Bummer. Anyways, we had a great time and even got to get some yogurt afterwards with the cousins.

Tuesday was wedding day! Emili and I headed over to Kristina's around noon to do her hair and get all set to go for the honeymoon. We even did this hand exfoliating process that made my hands feel like silk. So nice. The wedding turned out absolutely beautiful and Kristina looked gorgeous. I even got to chat with the DJ and Caterer from our wedding, as they did Kristina's! Thankfully, it wasn't too cold, though leggings under our dresses totally helped. Congrats Jason and Kristina, we love you guys!

Bud just doing his job.

The yummy cake!

The bride and groom.

Family shot.

Bundled up for the reception.

And they're off to Canada!!!

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