Mountain Biking Mania

Last weekend I gained a new appreciation for mountain bikers everywhere. Scott took me on two rides to test out the new bike he built for me. It may have kicked my behind just a tad, but was really fun nonetheless. I got a kick out of breathing so hard I felt like a dog panting for water and looking over at Scott to see him hardly breaking a sweat. Let's just say he's had a little more practice than me. Our first ride was out at Montana de Oro. It got pretty cloudy by the end of our trip, but I don't know how you could complain about anything when you live 15 minutes from this...

We didn't bring the camera up the trail, but I am happy to report I had only one minor injury, which was when my foot missed the pedal and hit my ankle. Had it been Scott he probably wouldn't have even noticed the little cut. Brad and Sara, we did the trail that we hiked one time with you guys, I kept thinking about that when we were riding and Scott just built yet another bike so we have plenty for you guys to ride when you get back here - so hurry up! Just kidding, kinda.

The Vita-Water never tasted so good. My bike is on the left and Mr. Yeti is on the right.

Scott just putting the bikes away with a little whistle.

Helmets are totally in in 2009.

On a less successful note, the next day I tried to conquer Madonna again. My previous attempt lasted about 15 minutes and ended in me tumbling down part of the mountain. This time I made it up without too much of a fall but the uphill really took it out of me and we had to change our route due to shaky legs. Maybe next time Madonna!


Emily and Patrick said...

No complaining for you! I live in the middle of the prairie. Not so scenic really. ;)

Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Lis, I am so jealous!!! Wish we were on those mountains with you guys! Only you can make a helmet look cute... well done! Can't wait to get back there and ride those newly assembled bikes! Love you... please, please, please don't leave SLO before we get back... we are so looking forward to living near you. Love you!

Andrea said...

honestly, you are so adventurous, I can't imagine a better wifey for my brother, you are such a good sport! You two have so much fun together, you are going to look back on your first year of marriage with lots of fun memories, maybe we should come for a visit and help you make some more! :) Love you guys, see you soon, Annie