Hunting and Hanging

The week before Christmas, Scott and I went up to Danville to hang with the Nor Cal folk and attend the R. Zaballos & Sons Christmas Party. We had a great time! We arrived late Friday night, but not too late to taste test all of Debbie's treats (a la fudge and cookies) and warm up by the fire. Secretly on the way up I was hoping that there would be a fire going and some fudge to eat when we arrived and boy was I not let down! Saturday after breakfast Debbie and I video chatted with the Haddon's and played lots of games involving cars and sliding on our stomachs around the kitchen with Owen (ok, the sliding on our stomachs was just me and Owen). Then, the boys - men - departed on a pheasant hunting adventure and us ladies did our own hunting - for sales, that is. Danika, Debbie, Owen and I toughed it out and hit the malls for some lunch and Christmas shopping.

Sunday it rained after church so we had a nice afternoon of baking, wrapping presents (or Owen) and hanging out before the Christmas party. The party was a hit, my favorite part was singing the 12 Days of Christmas. Each family had a specific day to sing and I'm pretty sure we (we being Resti and Co.) rocked it as "10 Lords a Leaping." It was fun to see all of Scott's extended family and watch all the little kids in their best Christmas attire. We left after the caroling for a late night drive home, but thankfully I discovered Super-Caffinated Coffee at the gas station and was wide-eyed the whole trip back to SLO. No dozing off this time, that stuff was legit. All in all it was a fabulous time and well worth the trip! Thanks for a wonderful weekend guys!

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