Christmas Vacation

This posting has been a long time in coming and could get quite lengthy, so I'll do my best to break it up, but meanwhile you might want to get comfy if you're into reading it all at once. Scott and I went home to San Diego this year for Christmas. It was a wonderful time of family, celebrations and relaxation. It seemed like maybe since we were going to be in town for a whole week we'd have lots of spare time, but somehow we still managed to be pretty busy little bees. At times I was really good at taking pictures, and other times I thought I had lost my camera for good only to find it buried at the bottom of my purse at the end of the night. Oops. So work with me on this we go.

We started our journey on Christmas Eve morning. Scott and I packed up the car, which we don't do lightly, grabbed some bagels and headed down to Goleta to stop at Scott's job site for an hour or so. Once he finished up business there, we were on our way to Poway. We arrived home just in time for some Lourdes take out (bomb chicken soup) and headed off to church service number one of two. The entire fam went to the first service and then Dad, Mom, Scott, Emili and I went to Flood to hear Jimmy lead worship. Plug: Check out the link to Jimmy's music, so good. We stopped for some sushi on the way home and met up for the annual Christmas Eve showing of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. It was so fun to be with everyone, we missed you Grams!

Christmas Day was pretty sweet. It rained all day so we just hung out all day and played games, watched DVDs and had some good family time. My dad wrote a story about the family in 2008 and it was cool to hear from his perspective, just how blessed we all are. Much love to you fam!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED your Christmas story! How did you get Jim's music in there? I am soooo lacking..LOVE you..Mom

Anonymous said...

in computer knowledge...left that out of the lacking....yikes