Mom's are the Best

My wonderful Mom endured 8 hours on the train (she roughed it in Business Class before you feel too too bad) to come up and hang with Scott and I for a few days.

Lookin good for being on a train for 8 hours Ma!

It was SO nice to have her here and to hang out and pretend we live in the same town. We did all sorts of things from Christmas shopping to running errands to eating lots of sushi to coloring my hair (product thanks to sister)! I even got to enjoy some good home cooking that didn't involve me in the kitchen, and a sparkling clean house when she left. SO nice.

We hung in SLO Monday and half of Tuesday until we hopped back on the train and headed to Santa Barbara to meet up with my Dad who was on business there and Scott, who goes there everyday for work. Unfortunately some untimely events took place and Scott ended up having to pick up some equipment in SLO so he didn't make it to dinner with us. We missed him.

Dad, Mom and I went to dinner in Montecito so Brooke Harper could wait on us at her Mexican restaurant. It was fun to catch up with her and see the new tat.

Then we walked down state street to get some yogurt before heading back to the hotel. Since Scott couldn't make it we canceled the second room and I bunked up with Dad and Mom (thankfully our room had 2 queen beds). It was so fun to hang with my parents and be a quasi-only child. Mom and I strolled State Street until Dad was done with his meeting and then met up for lunch at CPK. They dropped me off at Scott's job site and from there we went our separate ways. It was such a fun couple days hanging with my parents getting to do everyday things together. Much love M&D.

The beach right below Scott's job where I sat until he finished working. I thought it was worth sharing. Pretty nice (if you can look past the oil rigs).


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OMG!!!!! This leaving a comment is very confusing!!! Anyway, loved your December edition..can hardly wait for the Christmas news...XOXOX Mom

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WOW!!!it worked