Christmas on Broad Street

Our first Christmas! Being that this is my first Christmas as a married lady, it has been extra fun doing all the "firsts." We made our way over to Home Depot where their prices never disappoint (sorry Avila Valley Barn) and the trees are ready to go. Unfortunately I left my camera at home (it was a spontaneous decision to get the tree when we did) and therefore have no pictures of the fun we had picking out our very first Christmas tree. Scott decided to man-handle the tree (kindly declining the courtesy trimming of the bottom) and carried our 6 foot tree to the 4Runner and threw it in the back all by himself. We made it home with the tree still with us (I was nervous it might slide out the open tail gate). My handy husband then did some work with his chain saw (maybe it wasn't a chain saw...but some kind of saw) on our front porch and eventually brought in our nice looking tree. A couple nights later we heated up some TJ's Spiced Cider, threw on Elf (we might know just about every line to this movie) and decorated the tree. It was so much fun, here a few pictures I did manage to take.

Scott was really good at untwisting the lights and moving the tree. Me, not so much.

Hot Cider in some special mugs!

Oh yes I did take a picture of our TV, but come on that's a pretty good shot for the movie not being on pause. Buddy!

Lights off. Lights on.

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Andrea said...

cute christmas.... you guys are just darling... wish I could invite myself over and snuggle up with you guys to watch elf! ha!