Yosemite 2008

The past few years Scott's parents, Resti and Debbie, have taken all of us kids on a family vacation to Yosemite where we rent a cabin, hang, ride bikes, explore and eat lots of yummy food. This year we headed up over Labor Day Weekend and had another week of good old family fun. Danika started a new tradition this year in a cookie baking contest among the wives, where the husbands were blindfolded and got to choose their favorite cookie. It was a lot of fun and some good laughs. The boys took their job seriously and chose Danika's cookie as the winner, not really to anyone's surpirse. Nice work Danika!

The Judges.

The chefs, minus Debbie.

We took our bikes down to the Valley floor and rode around, that is until I crashed and burned on my cruiser. Dang reverse brakes. Note: Don't ride around barefoot in Yosemite, ouch. We all took turns cooking bomb dinners, played lots of cards, sat in the spa and played with the little ones. Here I am, pretending to be a mother of two.

Minus a Benidryl incident, scraped knee and a gnarly cold, the week was real fun Clark. We stopped at Bass Lake as we departed separate ways and may have found a new vacation spot for next year as we ate lunch over the lake. Thanks for a great week everyone, and for taking care of me and my injury/cold. Oh boy.

For those of you who like this kinda thing, here's my messed up knee. Nice huh?

(PS Thanks Danika and Ann for the pictures I borrowed off your blogs. I realized I had about 3 from the week when I went to write this!)

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