Weekend with the Randles

Matt and Jenny came up in October to spend some hang time with Scott and I. We were so excited to have them in town that I think we did more activities in two days than ever before. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it was sure a ton of fun getting to know Jenny and spending the weekend with good friends.

We started the fun Saturday after I got out of school with a bike ride on our favorite trail, the Bob Jones Bike Trail in Avila. It was a beautiful day and awesome ride. After hanging at the beach for awhile, we rode back and had worked up quite the appetite, so we treated ourselves to a delightful meal at Tahoe Joe's. So delicious. It was refreshing to catch up with Matt and Jenny and talk about newlywed things, life and whatnot. Being the party animals that we are, we crashed early after checking out Matt and Jenny's cool room at the Madonna Inn.

Sunday we went to church and out to lunch at this tasty Italian place (Giuseppe's Express for you local folk) that had some mighty good pizza and salad. Of course we stopped at Urban for some shopping and Yogurt Creations for some yogurt and then headed out to Avila again, this time to hit up the pumpkin patch.

Jenny, making friends where ever she goes.

Where's Waldo? Maybe we were a little old for this hay maze.

We were a little over excited about this pumpkin...that we didn't even buy.

These two are dang funny.

We bounced from the over-crowded pumpkin patch to do some apple tasting in See Canyon. I'm pretty sure the girl handing out samples wasn't as excited as we were about wanting to taste every different kind possible.

We had such a fun time kickin around town with those two. Come back soon. We already miss you guys!

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