Sunday Ride

Scott and I decided to take our cruisers out for a spin one Sunday afternoon. We wanted to go check out the new Poly Canyon Housing at Cal Poly and maybe more importantly, get some Einstein's bagels!

For those of you who went to Cal Poly, you might not believe what is now on campus. They have built this new little town that has it's own Jamba Juice, Einstein's Bagels, Peet's Coffee, ATM, parking structure, market, copier place, pool and bbq's, sand volleyball courts, and a basketball court. It's insane. I wish I had a picture of it, but at the moment I had dropped my cell phone and terribly scratched up the front of it, which slightly bummed me out until I was able to realize it's just a dumb phone. But anyways, this place is amazing. The apartments are all brand new and so cute. I kind of wanted to move in.

We ended up buying a few bagels for the week and then rode home, which was much more pleasant than the all uphill trip to Poly Canyon. This was right after a car nearly took out both of us! Share the road people!

When we got home, we had the brilliant idea of using our high tech food saver on our bagels to keep them fresh all week. Brilliant idea until we realized the food saver sucks all the air out of the plastic storage bag AND the contents of the bag.

Much to Scott's dismay, his bagel would never be the same as all the other bagels.

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Andrea said...

You guys are so much fun, this post was hilarious!! I love your blog and l love seeing what you guys are up to, kinda like being neighbors, only it's over the internet :) Love you guys! :) Ann