Sis and Jimmy in SLO!

The only thing missing from my birthday was the fam, but I got a belated treat when Sister and Jimmy came to SLO for a few days. It was quite a treat to have them in town even though Scott and I were working during the day, we made good use of our time to hang in the evenings! Get ready, here comes a photo journal of our visit!

You wouldn't know it by his face, but Scott was REALLY looking forward to this haircut! Nice concentration Sis.

See? People, you think I have a lot of hair...all I can say is, our poor children.

Sis treated me to sushi again (YES!) for my birthday. It was delicious and even better was the company.

Oh man...I laugh every time I see this picture. Sis and Jimmy took our cruisers out and about around DT while Scott and I were at work. I think Emili was enjoying the ride, what do think?

We learned that Emili takes after Grams with her frozen yogurt. Scott and my yogurt totaled a combined weight of .74 ounces while Jimmy and Emili's alone were each .85 or more. Notable fact: this trip to Yogurt Creations was AFTER we had eaten half the Mud Pie at Dell's before deciding it has freezer burn and that we didn't like it. Wowzers. I nearly choked when they told me one time three of them spent 17 dollars total for frozen yogurt. HA.

We met Scott at the Avila Valley Barn to pick up some pumpkins the next night. Emili and I were attempting to recreate a picture we took four years may have accomplished the goal Sis, I on the other hand didn't do so well.

Emili came down with "sea legs" while we were at the pumpkin patch (could be due to eating a bag of gummie bears for lunch) so we took a rest and ate some fruit and more candy that Scott supplied thanks to the Candy Shop.

After some delicious baked Mac 'n Cheese and mushrooms that Scott still talks about made by Sis, we got out the big guns and had a pumpkin carving contest judged via picture messaging by Dad and Mom. Did they ever pick a winner? Hmmm. Scott decided a knife just wasn't going to cut it - literally. Leave it to my husband to think of something like this. Gotta love it.

Team "We Coordinate." I'm never going to let that go. Love you guys.

Team Zaballos. Please note Scott's face, he was really excited about being on my team. Really I was just baking the brownies.

The porch. Complete with Fall decorations, thanks Ma! Take a guess at who's is who.

Also, I should mention how Emili and Jimmy came to my class to pick me up for lunch and the kids were really confused as to why she was taller but younger and why we looked so much alike. It was a hoot. One girl saw Emili sitting on the curb waiting for me while we finished our small reading groups and asked my teacher "why is Mrs. Zaballos sitting on the curb?"
Miss you Sis (and Jimmy), come back soon.


Emili said...

so we like to coordinate. there is nothing wrong with that. i am sure if scott was not color blind he would want to color coordinate as well. miss you. jimbo and i had a great time with you guys. love you.

Deb said...

ok, so debs & I are trying to guess whose pumpkin is who's??? Where are the answers to your riddle????? We think the glasses pumpkin is Emily's and the big smiley guy is your's & Scott's- are we right????

Cute post, loved it all! Thanks for all the good pics,
Debs & Annie