Santa Barbara Getaway

Thank you San Luis Coastal School District for not only claiming Tuesday, November 11 as Veteran's Day Holiday but also Monday the 10th. Seeing as I had a couple days off and Scott (so we thought, ha) had Tuesday off, we planned a little overnight trip to Santa Barbara. I went to work with him Monday morning and spent my day working hard, you know, finding good sales and deals on State Street, until Scott had finished up on the job site. Then we spent Monday evening and Tuesday enjoying some good old Santa (shopping) Barbara fun. Check it out.

Our cozy little room at Casa Del Mar Bed and Breakfast. I will totally stay there again thanks in part to their wonderful customer service, as I left my new birthday sweater hanging in the closet when we left and 4 days later when I realized it, they still had it! And yes, we brought our cruisers into the room.

It was the most beautiful day.

I love you State Street.

I nearly fell off my bike after taking this picture. Oops.

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