Quarter of a Century

My first birthday as a married lady turned out better than I could have imagined. My master teacher at school made a big deal about my birthday in class and the kids (4th graders) brought me all sorts of birthday treats from a ring missing a jewel, purple teddy bear in a basket, a ding dong, dolphin key chain to a journal and pen with the used pages ripped out. You have to love them for the thoughtfulness. I'm sure going to miss those little ones. Anyhow, it was fun celebrating with my class and watching them sing numerous different happy birthday songs with frosting from the cupcakes I made all over their faces. I wish I had a picture.

Scott and I celebrated with my favorite - sushi, duh - and lots of wonderful gifts. Such a wonderful hubby! He took me to Yanagi's in Pismo and then we decided to go do a little off-roading in the dunes before getting yogurt so our food could settle. Shockingly, we both passed out (waking up at 4:50 a.m. everyday can make you tired pretty early) once we stopped to listen to the ocean only to awake when Sar and Jen were calling, which thank you very much because we might have very well slept out there all night!

Why solo pictures you ask? It's hard to take pictures of ourselves when it's only us. We wanted to try something other than the up close face shot an arm's distance away. So, here you have it, Scott and I on my birthday before dinner. Grey sweater compliments of my hubs...nice work!

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Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Hey Lisa... I love you so much and miss you guys more than you can imagine!!! Happy Birthday... I check your blog nightly and this is so funny because I was checking 2 minutes ago and then refreshed the page and here's your b-day post. Please tell us that SLO is still treating you well... cause moving back and getting to hang out with you two gives us something to hope for! Do you guys have skype??? It would be really fun to see you and talk to you at the same time! I have been thinking about you a lot. Thanks for being such a good friend and sister. Oh yeah, and I Love the bangs!!!