Project Entry Way Table

One day I decided to order Scott a subscription to this magazine, Popular Mechanics, he purchased at the airport before we left for our honeymoon. Best idea ever because check this out - inside last months magazine were plans to a build-it-yourself Pottery Barn knock off bench/shelf. Scott showed it to me and asked if I liked it, which I did, but more as an entry way table. My handy husband looked over the plans and figured out how to alter it to the dimensions we wanted and this past weekend we had a play day in the garage and fun trip to Home Depot!

Gathering the materials. Safety first, right Bubs?!

Unloading the materials. Apparently a serious task.

We had a whole tool area set up in the backyard. I even wore a tape measure on my jeans just like Scott incase I needed to make a quick measurement...sure. Scott did most of the cutting, measuring, computing numbers, nailing and sawing, while I tried to do the priming, but even that was not as easy as it looks! Sanding turned out to be my best job!

It's starting to come together!

Just about done, checking out the final details!

The final product! Here it is, our first piece of homemade furniture. It does still need a paint job, but were holding out on that for the expert Resti's help. I accidentally took this picture a little crooked, sorry, but you get the idea.

Five hours in the garage well worth it we thought! We were pretty excited how our table turned out (sure pays to be married to Bob the Builder) can't wait to paint it and fill it up!


Deb said...

maybe Scott can get a gig with Pottery Barn???? that shelf turned out so cute, i'll take 2 please :)

loves, annie

spooner on the ones said...

Hey lady! A couple of comments for you...

1) Way to update this thing! I am going to need to start checking more often, keep up the good work!

2) Sanding was totally my job when I helped my dad growing up! Haha but that was when we were like 5 and Steve needed to keep us busy, I'm just saying...

3) As far as the pumpkins are concerned... I'm not sure that there is a clear winner but the one on the left looked like they get a better grade for effort. But who am I to judge? I am only into pumpkin carving for the seeds anyway.

4) There is no 4, this is too long already... get your own blog Sarah... am I right?

Duddy said...

lisa post another blog already!