Homemade Ice Cream You Scream

After some tasty motivation from Danika (she made a delicious Rocky Road homemade ice cream treat) Scott and I decided to test out our new ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aid. I actually have to give Scott all the credit for this creation because he made it all by himself while I was preparing dinner one night. We started out with Vanilla since this was our first time, and after we saw that it was turning out we quickly added some Oreo's to make Cookies' n Cream. It was so good, but after seeing what went in to it, it's a little hard to enjoy as much...oh who am I kidding, I still totally enjoy it!

We discovered this game called Hoopla the other night. Chris had given it to me a while ago and we finally took it out and ended up with a sweet game night for two. Check it out, its by the makers of Cranium and lots of fun! Hope you didn't want that back anytime soon brother!

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The Dude said...

ok, so it is so funny that you posted a picture of that game, the other day katie and i were looking all over my house for it and could not for the life of me remember where i put it, or who had it!

mystery solved!

love you