Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!

While Scott and I were in San Diego we were also able to celebrate Dad and Mom's 30th wedding anniversary just a little bit early. Today, November 25, 2008 marks a big day for Scott and Anne-Marie as they celebrate 30 years of marriage. Scott and I are so blessed to have two sets of parents who combined have 65 years of marriage. We have seen the joys and the struggles that this life can offer and it is neat to see their loves last through it all. Thanks Dad, Mom, Resti and Debbie for working through the good and the bad to be such role models for us!

Chris, Katie, Emili, Jimmy, Zach, Scott and I took Dad and Mom out to a classy evening of bowling and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (I've never been there...) to celebrate. Some highlights of the fun filled evening! Here's the couple of the evening as well as Dad's original bowling bag complete with bowling ball and accessories from back in his bowling league days. Nice work "Scooter"!

When did they take the "Fun" out of the Poway Fun Bowl? Did I miss something?!

The more appropriate picture of the boys and their bowling balls.

Sis and Jimmy just warming up with some Dance Dance Revolution.

And me, just warming up my bowling stance.

Ladies. Sidenote: Bowling got a little competitive and claiming victory at her own anniversary party was Anne-Marie in Game 2. I was nervous I was going to lose to Emili, yikes, but I'll take a loss to Mom.

Look at that form! Must have been a strike! Nice work hubs!

Have you seen enough of us yet?

Group shot/potential Christmas card courtesy of the intense bowler in the lane to the right. And just for the record I was the first one in place for the picture if you're wondering why I'm the only one not standing next to their significant other...dang it.

They have fun together.

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! Here's to 30 more years!

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