Camping in Big Sur

At the end of summer a bunch of Scott's college friends all headed up to Big Sur for a weekend camping trip. It was a ton of fun, though just a little chilly due to the no fires rule thanks in part to all the wildfires. The first night Scott and I got a good kick out of trying to put our air mattress into the tent I borrowed from my boss. Only thing was, he forgot to mention to me that it was a one man tent. We got a good laugh out of it and thankfully our good friends the Bartsch's let us use their much larger tent and they kept warm in their cozy 4Runner.

We took a morning hike out to the beach that was absolutely beautiful! We tried to get down to the water, but Jen and Cyrus were the only two tough enough to climb done all the rock and face the freezing water.

We had some awesome camp food thanks mainly to Jen and Cyrus. We had burgers, watermelon, snacks and all sorts of treats. Most of the day we hung around the campsite and played a variety of games, my personal favorite being the couples wheel barrel race where I totally failed because I couldn't stop laughing. I only wish someone could have captured a picture of that.

We hiked out to the beach again in the evening to try and catch the sunset, sure was pretty.


Emily and Patrick said...

I'm so excited that you are keeping a blog too! I'll add you to my list. Love the pics... makes me miss California.

Randle said...

Lisa and Scott! That weekend was soooo fun!! I can't wait for more camping trips.

Cool blog. You're a good writer. Keep up the good work... and don't let any of your students find out about this thing or you might see some mischievous comments!!