35 Years of Love

Mid September Scott and I headed up to the Bay Area for a weekend of Zaballos Family Outings. On Saturday we went to the annual Zaballos Family Reunion with all the brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc., etc. This year it was at a very cool park with all sorts of fun things to do, including an adult game of softball, where I may have gotten a little too intense and accidently nailed Debbie in the back of the arm with my hardest throw to third in an attempt to get her out. Boy did I feel like a jerk. Thankfully, Debbie was alright and we all got a good laugh out of it at the end. It was great to see a lot of the Zaballos' again and be familiar with more names and faces than the first reunion!

On Sunday, all of us kids pulled some little white lies and made it over to Noah and Danika's to set up for Resti and Debbie's surprise 35th anniversary party. Danika and Annie did a pretty sweet job planning the whole event that turned into a great afternoon celebrating Resti and Debbie. I am sure blessed to have such great in-laws, and to be a part of this wonderful family. Here are a couple shots of the weekend, where once again I didn't have my camera. (Pre-blogging days, clearly I wasn't thinking about posting pictures anywhere!)

Cutting the Cake 35 Years Later!

Zaballos' x 2, Stokes (minus Owen) and Haddons

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