A Visit from ABE

FYI: All credit goes to Scott for the clever acronym ABE: Andrea, Bubba and Emery. Bubs, Ann and Em came to visit Scott and I in SLO in August. (You wouldn't know by how we are dressed that it's the middle of summer...yeah.) We got to spend a couple days with them at our house before we headed down to San Diego for the weekend.

We walked around Farmer's Market freezing our tails off but still managed to eat frozen yogurt, played with little Emery back at our house, and made g
ood use of our crock-pot. It was a grand old time.

Here's the proud Uncle Scott and little Emery Lynn, checking out some crazy singing man downtown at Farmer's. I think Emery was more concerned about the blanket her Uncle wrapped over her head. Love it.

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Andrea said...

That was a fun trip- my child looks like she should be on Arabian Nights or something in the picture!