Father's Day in Danville

Ok, I do realize it's October and I'm posting about Father's Day, but maybe I have some catching up to do on this here little blog. Anyhow, back in June, Scott and I went up to Danville to celebrate Resti, Noah, and Bubs (as well as you Dad!!!) on Father's Day. We had a fun weekend hanging out with the fams and picking up a very important item. Resti generously donated a lawn mower to our newlywed collection of used goods. We were forced to be the SLO hillbillies and put it on top of the Jeep to get it home.

We got a few crazy stares on the drive home, but in the end, the lawn mower made it to SLO. It stayed on top of my car for a few days...not to worry, I drove the 4Runner around town, and has since been a great addition to the toys in our (Scott's) garage.

Apparently this is the only other picture I have of the weekend, but here's Owen - my best pal, Noah and Scott as we pack up wedding gifts! Thank you and thank you!

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