Mr. and Mrs. Zaballos

I'm a wife and I love it! It's seriously like the best thing in the world to spend so much time with someone you love so much. There is one thing though that I'm still getting used to. Going from Andrews to Zaballos, I am constantly telling people how to spell my new last name. Good thing my handy hubby taught me this little trick early on; according to Scott this is how you spell it out, "Z-as in zebra, a, b-as in boy, a-l-l-o, s-as in Sam." Anyways, we are just loving living the married life and in an attempt to be hip bloggers, we thought we'd make this blog, mostly for the 3 or 4 family members who might read it, to keep up on us little newlyweds living the SLO life! Enjoy!

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